Temsa: a Time of Crisis

Topics: Supply and demand, Europe, Turkey Pages: 4 (1371 words) Published: February 26, 2013
TEMSA: A Time of Crisis
TEMSA is a subsidiary of the Sabancı Holding , one of the largest industrial and commercial conglomerates in Turkey. TEMSA was founded in 1968 to operate in the steel construction industry. In 1977 Sabancı Holding acquired full ownership of the company in order to move into automotive and construction equipment sector. Distributorship and Manufacturing License and Technical Assistance Agreements were signed with Komatsu in 1983 and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation of Japan in 1984. The company ventured into three fields, automotive division; production and distribution license with Mitsubishi, construction equipment division; distribution and production license with Komatsu, electronics division; sharp cash registers and Mitsubishi air conditioners. TEMSA started its automotive business in 1984 with the Mitsubishi license to distribute and produce Mitsubishi products for the Turkish market only. Until 1986 TEMSA acted as the distributor of Mitsubishi products in Turkey. During those years production facility was constructed. In 1987 TEMSA entered to local coach market with Maraton. It was received very favorably in the market, its production continued untill 1996 and a total of 1674 units were sold. Then a new high decker coach “Prenses” was launched in 1992 and sold 2141 units untill 2001. Prenses was also produced under license of Mitsubishi. TEMSA also entered to Midibus market in 1992 as the third brand after Iveco and Isuzu. In year 2000 TEMSA was producing Prestij branded midibuses and Prenses and Safir branded coaches. As TEMSA was producing coaches and midibuses under license of Mitsubishi, inline with Mitsubishi global strategy , Mitsubishi was unwilling to go into the heavy commercial vehicles market in Europe. So the TEMSA was mainly selling in local market and Middle East. In 1997 they started to sell Euro Prestij to European countries. In the automotive market demand is highly dependant to economical factors. If economic...
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