Temporary Foreign Workers

Topics: Employment, Canada, Minimum wage Pages: 1 (337 words) Published: March 12, 2013
For this week's tutorial please write a paragraph discussing whether or not the admission of temporary foreign worker program creates a “win-win” situation benefitting both Canadian employers and temporary foreign workers.


Yes, the admission of Temporary Foreign Workers (TFW) program creates a win-win for both parties as it gives the chance for employers to bring in special skilled workers and benefit from their work while the TFWs who are seeking work it gives them a chance to enter Canada and apply for a Permanent Residence after they satisfy certain conditions under the Law. These foreign workers are important to the Canadian economy as they benefit Canada by injecting money into the system while they make a living here during there work period and also the employers pay money to the system to apply for a work permit for these TFWs. For ex. If an employer wants to add a new soup to his menu but it requires a special skill in developing that soup, he can request the Government by stating this soup can only be made by a local skilled worker from his country and there's no one in Canada who can carry out the same work therefore he needs this TFW. Until last year, these TFWs had a chance to enter Canada on a work permit then if later after obtaining a PR they could possibly sponsor their parents but now this is not possible for them as sponsoring the parents for PR has been removed from the system. TFWs admittance is a win-win for workers and employers but its not win-win for Canadians who are seeking/exploring employment opportunities. This creates a backlog in the system. These temporary workers can be paid lower wages, as they do not have as many rights as an immigrant or a citizen. They can take the jobs that most Canadians wont prefer. These TFW’s are OHIP covered and are easy to let go under their contract agreements.

By: Younus Yazdani
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