Temple University Fox School of Businessstakeholder Analysis

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  • Published : June 26, 2011
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Name: Gogbeh Workolo
Date: May 31, 2011
Course: BA 3102
Prof: Lynne Andersson

Title: Fox School of Business Stakeholder Analysis

The Fox School Stakeholders are Government entities (State & federal government; governing board; board of trustees, buffer organizations; sponsoring religious organizations) Administration (President senior administrators), Employees (Faculty; administrative staff; support staff), Clienteles (Students; parents/spouses; tuition reimbursement providers; service partner’s employers; field placement site), Suppliers (Secondary education providers; alumni; other colleges and universities; food purveyors; insurance companies; utilities; contracted services), competitors (Direct: private and public providers of post-secondary education Potential: distance providers; new ventures Substitutes: employer-sponsored training programmers), donors (Individuals includes trustees, friends, parents, alumni, employees, industry, research councils, foundations), Communities (Neighbors; school systems; social services; chambers of commerce; special interest groups) government regulator (Ministry of Education; buffer organizations; state & federal financial aid agencies; research councils; federal research support; tax authorities; social security; Patent Office) non-governmental regulators (Foundations; institutional and programmatic accrediting bodies; professional associations; church sponsors ) and Financial Intermediary (Banks; fund managers; analysts) etc. The government stake in the Fox school of business is taxation, low unemployment or job creation, educate citizen so that they are productive citizen in the future and contribute to the well-being of society. The employee’s stake is rate of pay, job security, compensation, safe working conditions, pleasant working environment, respect and truthful communication. The Clientele’s stake is that they believed that the Fox school of business will...
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