Temple Grandin

Topics: Thought, Yellow, Temple Grandin Pages: 1 (368 words) Published: May 28, 2012
Temple Grandin is a visual thinker. Grandin uses bottom-up processing in her thinking process as she is a visual thinker. Instead of seeing the word YELLOW in her mind, she would see anything that associated with the color yellow like a banana, a canary, a flower, a ball, or the sun. Grandin sees the details first and then pieces together larger meanings from there. Grandin was not good at things that she could not visualize, for example French was something she struggled with. There were a lot of words that had a “fish” sound to them, meaning they came out sounding like a type of fish, and Grandin would visualize that particular fish instead of the actual word she was trying to learn. Grandin used her ability to think in bottom-up processing to her advantage where she was able to redesign how cattle are moved through processing plants. She eliminated things that would scare the cattle, like light, sound and line of sight to keep the cattle moving smoothly. Grandin also redesigned the way the plants were set up to make the transition to the kill floors a smoother process. She noted that cattle move in circles so she designed the plants to flow in a type of circle to keep the cattle calmer through their journey. As well as being a bottom-up thinker, Grandin was very in-tune to her sensory capabilities. With her degree of Autism, she noticed her sensory responses heightened. She was quite uncomfortable with human contact especially hugs, so she designed a machine to calm her down and receive the same affirmations of a hug without having to actually have one. Grandin realized that this is a issue many individuals with autism encounter and actually worked with a company to produce the Squeeze Machine for others to be able to use as well. Being in-tune with her sensory capabilities allowed Grandin to be able to be on the cattle’s level as she was redesigning the cattle yards. She would physically get down to the viewpoint of the cattle and see what...
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