Template for Purpose Statement

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Problem and Purpose Statement Templates

Templates for Purpose Statements

Below are the criteria from the checklist that show the parts required in the problem statement. Samples of a qualitative, quantitative, and mixed study problem statement are provided as examples.

|Problem Statement | |1. General problem identifying need for study: The problem is ______ | |2. Specific problem proposed for research: 3 out of 5 chief executive officers are overweight and at risk for heart attack | |3. Introductory words describing methodological approach given and appropriate to the specific problem; “This qualitative or quantitative case | |study will explore or examine…” | |4. General population group identified: Chief executive officers from Fortune 500 organizations will be surveyed to determine ….. |

Qualitative Problem Statement

African American females remain drastically underrepresented in community college president positions (problem), despite the increase of African American community college presidents over the last ten years (Phelps & Taber, 1997). Only 5% of 1,220 community colleges (specific problem: encourage numbers, as that helps illustrate specific problem) have African American presidents (Phelps & Taber, 1997). African American women occupy a small percentage of Phelps’ figure of 5%.

This qualitative case study (study type) will describe personal and professional perceptions experienced by 20 African American women who have achieved the role as a United States community college president. (population) The data will provide leaders...
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