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Topics: Lutheranism, Johann Sebastian Bach, Baroque music Pages: 2 (641 words) Published: March 6, 2012
In my paper I will be discussing how Bach’s theological views had an effect on not just his sacred music, but on his secular music as well. As it is well known throughout the most of the academic world, especially in music, Bach was a composer for the Lutheran church. Many of Dr. Martin Luther’s teachings were concerned with the order of the church and the hierarchy that he believed should govern the church. Bach, as a student of the Lutheran theology, agreed with this belief and wrote his music accordingly. We know that Bach was a devout student of theology because he was raised in a very orthodox family that sent him to the Ohrdruf Lyceum which was an old Latin school renowned for its theological teachings. It can also be differed that he loved the material because we know that, although he was the youngest in his class, he was allowed to skip a whole half year after his first year in school. It was at this school that he began to study the writings of Leonhard Hutter, who was called the “great defender” of Luther’s doctrines against the attacks of a group known as the “reformed” Protestants. Even when he spent time in St. Michaels School in Lunenburg, the primary reading for upper classmen was Hutter’s theology of Lutheran orthodoxy. His religious faith is seen in Bach’s own handwriting when he says, “It must have given an ultimate meaning and direction of his calling to an orthodox organist to know that the hands too stand in the service of God.” However, his faith was not limited to his service in to the church. In one of his books entitled Little Clavier Book, which he wrote for the 9 year old William Friederman, he inscribed the book with the words In nomine Jesu. This was the inscription for a non-sacred book. It would make sense if it were for a sacred work like one of his cantatas. But the fact that it is inscribed on this non-sacred book shows us how much his faith affected everything he did. And part of that doctrine was that there should always be...
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