Temperature Affecting Enzyme Activity

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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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Temperature affecting enzyme activity
Aim: To see how temperature can affect enzyme activity

Prediction:-I think the one that will work best will be the rennin placed in milk at 37oC My independent variable will be the temperature
My dependant variable will be how thick the milk becomes
The equipment I need is milk, 5 test tubes, rennin, water bath, boiled rennin, a glass rod and a stopwatch

Introduction: Rennin is an enzyme found in the stomach, its function is to solidify milk. We will mix the enzyme with milk and place it in a test tube whilst varying the temperature. The presence of a reaction is indicated by the milk become solid. We will observe the activity and record the results.

Method: We will be given five test tubes which each person will have to place 2cm of milk into each one. The test tubes will need a 2 cm mark and your initials. You will then leave your experiments for 15 minutes. Into each of the test tubes we will place 2cm of milk. Into test 1 and 3 we will add three drops of rennin. Into test tube 5 we will add 3 drops of boiled rennin. We will place test tubes 1 and two at room temperature and 3-5 in a water bath at 37 degrees Celsius.

Test tube| Rennin| Environment| Result|
1| 3 drops| Room temperature | Still liquid, the enzyme did not increase in rate of reaction, room temperature was not ideal.| 2| None| Room temperature| Still liquid, the reaction could not speed up because the enzyme was not present.| 3| 3 drops| 37oC (water bath)| Solidified, the reaction took place, the enzyme was present and the temperature was ideal.| 4| None | 37oC (water bath)| Still liquid, the reaction could not speed up because the enzyme was not present but the room temperature was ideal.| 5| 3 drops (previously boiled)| 37oC (water bath)| Enzyme was present and ideal temperature but it was still liquid because the enzyme was boiled so it had been denatured.|

Conclusion: The rennin worked best at 37oC and...
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