Temper Tantrums in Children

Topics: Psychology, Tantrum, Emotion Pages: 4 (1111 words) Published: February 29, 2012
Children, who display sudden fits of anger in public, create an embarrassing and annoying situation not just for their parents but also for others. Trying to calm a tot who is screaming on the top of her lung can make a saint run for cover but as parents you need to communicate no matter how tough your child is.

Children dentistry
Just like adult, children too have their good and bad days where they might be a little cranky, irritable and grumpy. This is as normal and natural to them as it may be to any other individual.Therefore,such behavious need not be put under microscope.However,if there are too many instances where the child is exhibiting negative behaviours consistently, so much so that it begins to emerge as a behaviour patterns,it needs to be explored. There could be external or internal factors that may cause the child to react in such a manner. The home and school environment would be the two different places that need to be investigated in detail as they are the primary institutions from where maximum learning, both positive and negative,takes place.A negative home environment, where relationships between parents,grandparents and other relatives is troublesome,could contribute to the child’s stressed emotional state.His relationship with his friends,siblings and teachers would tell a lot. Very often,it is seen that temper tantrums are a means to seek attention,importance or gratification of needs. It could be his way of expressing his distress or a cry of help and so, it must be given immediate attention. HOW TO TACKLE A TWO -YEAR OLD WITH A TEMPER TANTRUM?

Children dentistry
First of all,try to understand what is making child upset or cranky.A two year old will not be able to express his distress verbally.Therefore,you need to be very patient ant not lose your calm.Little cues could help you to figure out what he requires.Make sure he is well fed, is not sleep deprived and doesn't have a wet or a messy...
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