Telling a Lie is Not Always Destructive

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  • Published : June 25, 2008
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Do you know the last time you told a lie? Everyone lies from time to time, but people don’t always feel justified when telling a lie. If no feelings were hurt in the process what is so wrong with telling a lie every now and then. We lie to people because we don’t want to hurt their feeling. We lie to children to help maintain their innocence. People lie on a daily basis to maintain employment. So are there not times when people should feel justified in lying.

Some people feel justified in lying in order to maintain a certain level of content among other people. Simply, imagine a world where people did not lie. People always say the want the truth but we all know at times the truth could be very hurtful. I know most women have at least once have asked the question, Do I look fat in this? I have asked my husband this question several times and I always get the same response, “You look fine honey.” What do I expect him to say, “Yeah honey that makes you look really chunky.” He just tells me want I want to hear either to spare my feelings or save the time of picking out another outfit. Should I be mad at the husband for lying to me? No, I should be happy that he has the commonsense to just tell me what I want to hear. People’s feeling would be hurt all the time if others were bluntly honest.

I feel justified in lying everyday working for a major retail company. I don’t think I would be able to maintain my job if I wasn’t capable of lying. My job is to make the customer feel great about themselves so they will buy as much as possible and I can maintain my sales goals. I constancly tell customers how great they look and how our prices are such a great deal. Another thing I learned in retail is to simply embellish a little about certain details about the clothing. If we don’t have a size a customer needs, I might tell them that the item runs small or big whichever helps in the situation. For example, if a customer wants a size 9 shoe and we only have a 8 ½, I...
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