Telling My Story

Topics: Family Pages: 4 (1721 words) Published: December 15, 2012
Telling my story is hard for me because I have been past a lot of things that mark my life and those moments became into what I am now. I will talk first about my migration story, which started with my family, and it is one of the most important issues in which everything changes for me since all this began. I am from Ecuador-Ambato ,I am 20 years old ,I live with my mom and sister in the united states ,I have lived in U.S.A for about 4 years .Migration in my life started when we were a 2 and a half years old kids because I have I twin sister , we used to lived with all my family, grandmother, cousins, aunts, uncles, and sisters . The first person who migrated to this country was one uncle; I didn’t feel it so hard because i was so little to see what my family was passing through. And even when my mother the second person who followed my uncle to accomplish the American Dream wasn’t hard to feel it, but I know it was hard for her and for my big sisters ,they were about 13 years old and as my biggest sister was living with her father my second big sister was in charge of us. This was the problem of my mother migration that she left a little girl to take care of two babies. All this makes me suffer because she was a child and she needed to live her live as a kid who grows and become teenager, but she didn’t have that chance, she become a mother too early, and she didn’t deserved it, she had to because of my mom’s decision of migrated and leaved us along in a place where we were unsaved. The consequence of it was that she lost her children’s love; we were more closed to our grandmother and aunt. They take care of us, but my sister was responsible of guided us like a real mother. Well when mom came back five years later she already looses us and she had issues for this with Marcia my big sister, she...
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