Tell Them Not to Kill Me Lame Paper Do Not Pick

Topics: Kill, Reason, Family Pages: 2 (770 words) Published: October 19, 2010
"Tell them not to kill me" by Juan Rulfo was an interesting short story. It had many strong emotions in it, death, sadness, hopelessness, and even the littlest bit of love. Even if we love someone, that wont get anyone out of "jail" for killing someone. lets say, someone fed a dog chocolate. the person would still have to fess up and get punished even though he claims "his little sister dared him too" he would still get sent to his room while his parents buried the dog in the backyard. this is whats happening to Juvencio except instead of getting punished he's trying to save himself. the thesis, "just because you have a reason, doesn't make it right" Rulfo shows this while telling Juvencio side of the story and is saying that he tortured and killed a man because of a few cows.

Juvencio is a selfish man with a more than caring family, but he abandoned all of that and then killed someone immediately blaming it on someone else and calling upon his family to bail him out, but sadly they couldn't this time.. that's what happens when you let your whole life pass without thinking about anything but yourself. Don Lupe had killed a cow of his to stop him from having his cows grazing on his property, so he then in turn killed don Lupe without hesitation. he still didn't have a good enough reason to kill someone. there is no reason to kill someone if its not already your job like a doctor with sick patients, or a criminal like our main character.

The colonel also contributed to the theme by making juvencio feel even worse about himself, stating that it was his father and how he dies a slow and painful death. He did this out of revenge and had no real reason to it just wasn't right. It didn’t have much of an effect on him ether. He still just denied it and kept trying to save his withered soul. He had said “Guadalupe Terreros was my father. When I grew up and looked for him they told me he was dead its hard to grow up knowing the thing we have to take roots from is...
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