Tell the Women We'Re Going

Topics: Anton Chekhov, Short story, O. Henry Award Pages: 3 (1020 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Tell the women we’re going
Analysis of the Raymond Carver short story
In my analysis of “Tell the women we’re going”, I have chosen to write a brief resume of the short story. Afterwards I will analyze the relationship between men and women and discuss how the story relates to the frontier theme, and how the wilderness is depicted. Furthermore I have used the Hollywood model to analyze the short story. I believe that the short story is very suitable to this type of analysis, because his style of writing is minimalistic and quite cinematic. The short story deals with a typical theme for Raymond Carver, who in almost all of his texts portraits the working- and middleclass in the United States for better and for worse. The theme “disappointment over life” which is described through one of the main characters, Jerrys escape from his disappointing life ends with the murder of two girls. As Raymond Carver often has raw themes as alcoholism, death, violence etc. in his stories is his style of writing not just realism, but often described as dirty realism. In this assignment we are suppose to describe how the wilderness is depicted in the story. I have found that part very difficult because Raymond Carver has a very limited figurative language. It is actually not possible to form an impression of the wilderness, the impression you get is almost only through the names, cities and places he writes about. But despite his limited figurative language, he nevertheless succeeded making the reader understand that the story takes place in the middle of nowhere.

“Tell the women we’re going” is a short story about the friendship between Bill Jamison and Jerry Roberts. The two friends have grown up together, went to the same schools and shared almost everything including clothes, car and girls. They have always went together right until Jerry drops out of college, marries a girl named Carol and gets a job at Robby’s Mart. When Bill graduates from college, he has many...
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