Tell-Tale Heart Essay

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  • Published : January 13, 2011
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Sane or Not?
by Alexa Stiles

In Edgar Allan Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart," the narrator has a hard time dealing with an old man's disfunctioned eye, and he becomes insane. In this story an old man is killed merely because of his eye. The narrator is crazy and can't stand the eye and he becomes outraged and suffocates the poor old man. Every night for weeks the narrator would peek his head in the old man's room and observe him sleep in everyway he could: "Oh, you would have laughed to see how cunningly I thrust it in."(#) This quote shows how creepy the narrator truely was. He had been planning and watching the old man night after night before the very night he murdered him. The narrator was so precise and made everything perfected, or so he thought...

The night the murder was to occur the narrator was watching ever so carefully, the old man seemed to sense fear and awoken. He let out a loud groan, and told himself the fear was all in his head: "It is nothing but the wind in the chimney- it is only a mouse crossing the floor," or "it is merely a cricket which has made a single chirp."(#) The narrator was so cunning and sly the old man didn't even notice his long glares all night. So late that quiet night, the old man was suffocated in his sleep because of his careless thinking.

The old man is now dead and left under the floorboards to rot. Unexpectedly a pair of policmen come knocking on the door, but the narrator had nothing to fear, for her was incredibly slick and clean about this whole thing. The narrator had welcomed the policemen inside the house to inspect everything and answer any questions needed: "The officers were satisfied. My manner had convinced them. I was singularly at ease. They sat and while I answered cheerily, they chatted of familiar things. But, ere long, I felt pale and wished them gone. (#) The narrator sweet talked his way out of the officers until they stayed so long his concience began to catch up with him. It made him...
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