Tell About a Time When You Lost Someone

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  • Published : February 5, 2012
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I was a normal thirteen year girl that lived her life loving her Granny with her whole heart. The day that she told me her heart was failing, was unlike any day I have ever had. All I could think about was how she took me in, raised me, and taught me life. She explained how she had been sick, how she didn’t tell the family, because she had so much to take care of. I remember telling her nothing is more important than her life, and that I needed her. I thought a lot about the times that we had spent together. How at the age of three, Granny taught me to make my first kolache, then from there it went to cinnamon rolls, breads, danishes and cookies. How she taught me to crack pecans, dig potatoes, pluck feathers from a chicken as well as plant flowers in the greenhouse. Granny took great pride in showing and teaching me all that she could. But still through all this, the memories I was reliving, I somehow knew there was nothing I could do to help her. I was getting older, as well as my Granny. I somehow had a feeling I was losing her. My Granny went in on a Monday to have her heart surgery. The surgeons said everything went well. However, when I saw her for the first time afterwards, I knew something was wrong. I asked for some alone time with her, somehow I knew I wouldn’t have her much longer. She just didn’t look right to me; she looked so tired, like she was ready to give up on life. I asked her to fight, for me, because I couldn’t live without her. I told her how much I loved her for taking me in, loving me, when I need nurturing as a toddler, young child and as a teenager. For saving me from myself when things were tough, and I needed someone to talk to. So, on that bright sunny day, when I was intent on playing tennis, instead my coach ran up to me telling me that I was needed at the hospital and my brother was coming to get me. I knew then and there that Granny was leaving me. As we got to the hospital, my aunt told me it was too late. A blood clot went...
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