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Topics: Telecommuting, Working time Pages: 3 (995 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Hi Anita,
Here are some guidelines about telework plan as well as a brief overview of the impact on our Department. Telework Guidelines
Telework policies can be very simple as well as very complex; however, they generally cover the following fields: work hours, security, attendance at meetings, training, family care and terminator of arrangement (, 2009). Articles emphasize a certain number of concepts that have to be strongly defined in the policy in order to disable telework abuses and to keep control of the company productivity. Here is a description of these concepts: * Core hours: Telework often enable more flexibility in terms of work hours. However, this flexibility should not result in organizational problems for the organization. This is why some common working hours have to be defined between the members of a team. Also, teleworkers have to agree to work as many hours as they would do in case of an office work. * Eligibility: the policy should objectively state who is eligible for telework according to fields like location, job nature, and experience in the company). (WorldatWork, 2011) * Family care: in order to make sure the employee will be 100% focus on his work during working hours, the policy have to state the condition of work at home and encouraging employees of working without distractions. (Johnson, 2011) * Termination of arrangement: the company also has to make sure it can close the telework agreement if required: insufficient results, change in the work nature, and change in the environment. (WorldatWork, 2011) * Training: telework is a very different way of working and collaborating, in this way, a policy has to include the requirement of training for teams with tele-elements. Teleworkers need to understand their duties and how they will affect the team, managers need to learn how do manage teleworkers and co-workers have to understand how this will affect their daily work. (WorldatWork, 2011) * Probation...
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