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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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How much of a role do you think television plays in the socialization process? Does it affect everyone to the same extent? Defend your position.

In my opinion TV plays a major role in everyone’s socialization process these days, almost everyone watches TV everyday for a several hours. From grown adults to new born babies, everyone watches TV whether it is to learn information from around the world or nursery rhymes for babies, television is being used by everyone. With that being said, TV definitely plays major roles in the socialization process in today’s world. We all know that the television is a great source of entertainment, several forms of media from music to television and including books and magazines influence people of society, children especially. Children these days are influenced easily due to the fact that they are still learning and have little experience in certain areas of life. For parents it’s the easy way out of parenting sometimes. When children become fussy, parents often turn to television to baby sit the children. Children learn way too much information from watching TV and way too fast like sexuality and violence. TV acts like a role model for everyone, not to say that adults are not impressionable because there are some immature adults who are still influenced by the media. For instance some adults are easily influenced by television and like to imitate the rich and famous.

I have to admit that TV and other forms of media play such an important role in the socialization process. I remember when I was younger my mother would tell us to turn the idiot box off and read a book or solve a puzzle. I remember my parents would rather have take me out with them or go play outside than watch TV, but now a days it seems the television is used to raise the children, when parents are occupied by other parental duties their children sit and watch television. There are so many shows and channels dedicated to children and I must say some of...
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