Television, Newspapers and the Internet-Which of These Do Young People Prefer as a Source of Information and Why?

Topics: Mobile phone, Newspaper, Internet Pages: 2 (631 words) Published: November 30, 2011
GCE ‘O’ Level Paper November 2008
Television, newspapers and the internet-which of these do young people prefer as a source of information and why? Text Type: Exposition

Advanced technologies have helped boost the ways of a life of a person. These days, young people are so fortunate to have so many sources of information accessible to them. Henceforth, people may resort to many ways to get the latest information. These sources are a variety of newspapers, television as well as the internet. Years ago, people invented paper and thus we were able to get news from the printed word. Television gives us the image. Now, we have the internet. One find it hard to decide which of these sources are preferable, however, as a teenager myself, I would most likely prefer the internet. The internet itself is one of the world’s finest inventions – we use it for all sorts of purposes. Therefore, I do believe that the internet is the most preferred choice among the youths of today.

Internet is especially popular amongst the young people. There are several reasons for this. Television and newspapers have a distinct disadvantages compared to the internet. That is-information is presented as news or programs through the newspapers and television while one can search for any kinds of information on the internet. Also, by the time the news is reported in the newspaper or television news channel, the news would have been old news. On the other hand, the internet offers up to date news and also chat rooms where people can give their opinions through ‘live feed’. Internet makes our life more convenient. One can download not just words or pictures, but also videos from the internet. It is easily accessible and retrieval of information is convenient – for instance, one can save soft copies of information in one’s disk.

Due to our hectic and demanding lifestyles, it is almost impossible to be able to drop by the nearest store and grab a copy of the newspaper. Some of us are even...
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