Television Is Not Good for Children

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  • Published : May 11, 2013
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Name: Ardiansyah Hamid
Reg.Number: 211 110 103
Class: IV.C

Television is not good for children
Along this time, there are many equipments which are very useful. One of the best is television. Television is one of the important tools in our life. There are many benefits of television, such as we can get more informations about politics, bussiness, economics, and entertainments as well. Yet, some people have a notion that television be able to bring negative effect for young generation, especially for children. First, most of children become too frequent to watch television. They don’t care about their assignment and homework. As result, children have become the lazy child. Second, television often televise some program that just for adult. Several action of television programme are very dangerous and complicated, if children make like that without complete attention from their parent. Finally, television can influence the contemplative faculties of children. Children partial to imagine what they watch on television. So, they unconsentrate to study, because the thought of children is filled by an abstract thing. In conclusion, television has been given negative effect for children. Such as, children become too frequent to watch television and don’t care about their assignment and homework, television also televise some program that just for adult, and then the contemplative faculties of children will be down. It’s necessary to realize that we have to protect our child and always filtering all of television programme, which one is good for us, especially for children.
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