Television Has a Bad Influence on Teenagers

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Television has a bad influence on teenagers. Do you agree?
Television has become an integral part of homes in the modern world that it is hard to imagine life without television. It provides entertainment to people of all ages especially children. Not only children but teenagers also love to watch television and prefer to stay ‘glued’ to the TV screen all day, rather than socializing or doing some outdoor physical activities. It has been known that teenagers watch a lot of television. A recent research stated that teenagers spend approximately 103 hours of watching television a month. As a matter of fact, television has a bad influence on teenagers as it can have negative effect on an adolescent’s mental and physical health. Watching television is interesting not only to the children’s eyes but also to the teenagers as well as the adults. This is how things in reality are. Most teenagers prefer staying at home watching television rather than involving in outdoor activities. As we know playing in the sunshine has better influences than staying at home. Teenagers will have less chance in making friends or communicate with others by just staying home doing nothing but watching television. Thus, this will indirectly affect their social skills and also their career path later. As we can see, in this globalization world, most employers are not only aiming at the academic results but also at the soft skills most importantly. Consequently, teenagers without any social background will definitely have less chance in neither getting the job nor the interviews. Apart from that, spending too much time on television is harmful to the health. The more time the teenagers spend in front of the television, the less time they have for sports and physical activities. Unsurprisingly, this will lead into the developing of weight problem. Moreover, teenagers tend to eat more when watching television than sitting at the dinner table because the television distracts them. They may be...
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