Television Gender Roles

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  • Published : May 15, 2007
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The television and the shows it broadcasts are both very powerful modes of communication. With millions of people watching the messages and propaganda, one show on a single channel can reach an enormous amount of viewers. The television is like an amplifier of ideas and thoughts. It is not necessarily a specific station that gives out this thought, but the television shows that are seen by worldwide viewers. People can gravitate towards the ideas shown by the shows. Millions of people see it, therefore it gives a better chance of them getting influenced by whatever idea the show may try to convey. With its ability to influence people of all ages, it can change the mindset and views of a person. Although the television has improved its representation of gender, men are still portrayed as the dominant figures over women who are portrayed as dependent and emotional.

The number of women appearing on television is far less than men. By watching TV dramas, one can observe that there are more roles of men than women. There are more male news reporters and film directors than women. Even in children's cartoons, the majority of them are male. There are a few women such as Sigourney Weaver that play heroic roles as in the TV show, Aliens. In this television show, men tend to be shown as being more dominant, more violent and more powerful than women. They drive, drink and smoke more. They also do athletic things, and make more plans. The men are found more in the world of things than in relationships. Also, women on TV tend to be younger than the men, typically under 30. But, ironically in the real world, the women slightly outnumber the men. This dominance of the male on television shows that the men have the authority over women.

Occupations of each gender restrict the other. In some television shows such as Smallville and Gilmore Girls, women are often shown in traditional roles such as housewives, mothers, secretaries and nurses. On the other hand, men are shown as...
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