Television Coverage on Crime: How It Affects Children

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  • Published : July 5, 2011
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Television coverage of Crime

The television coverage of crime has advertised subliminal messages which have manipulated many into incorporating violence into their lives. Television has managed to broadcast control over what society watches. It has impacted our society through the control of persuasiveness media has targeted to their audiences who receive those messages.

Now, turn on the television. What is it that you see as you flip through the channels? The answer is most likely violence. Critics say that there is no connection to media violence and real life violence. Yet, since children were born they have been exposed to watching television. As they grow older they change from cartoons to inappropriate programs. The more they watch leads to the more addicted they become. Their brains grasp every single detail of what they are watching. They find evil and violence more thrilling to watch. People as they get older have been accustomed to watching so much crime and violence that it has led them to lead more aggressive behaviors.

The infiltration of TV has played a huge role in society. People demand more violence and crime into their shows, programs, movies, and games. It has become so over rated that there is not a proper rating. As, you watch the news you can hear numerous stories of how banks are being robbed, people are being raped, shooting in public areas, kidnapping, murders, and attacks have traumatized many families and friends. Victims that have moved on tend to feel or relive the flashbacks, panic, recurring intrusive thoughts, and the anxiety as they watch graphical violence. Crime stories have dominated television newscasts. They provide disturbing images of dead bodies, blood, panic, chaos, and grief. Crime has increased drastically over the decades. Usually, the ones that get arrested for crimes are minors. It seems that the crimes that are being committed get more serious and disturbing. According to statistics, crime rates in 2009...
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