Television and Steven Johnson

Topics: Television, Psychology, Mind Pages: 4 (1270 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Television and Its Impact on Humanity
Social media has grown immensely in scale over the last decades. Television as a powerful source of information has negative and positive impact on humanity. But, do we really realize the negative influences of television on us? The television of the twenty-first century is a powerful source of information that embodies the variety of topics for a kid and a grown-up. There are so many channels and different programs that one should try hard to find his favorite one. But, should we absorb everything television offers us? I guess, not. Among this huge flow of information, garbage shows, exciting movies and qualitative programs we are to choose only what is really important and worth our attention. Otherwise, the process of becoming dull will be irretrievable. The influence of television on humanity is much discussed by many people all over the internet and in social media. What we see today is that people have little time on live communication and self-development. They spend much time watching TV and browsing the internet. Of course, television and the internet may be educational and interesting. But only a few of us use them to enrich our minds. What I mean is that people are addicted to the electronics they have at home, at work or simply in the pocket. I personally am against television. Apart from several educational programs and high quality movies, television offers humanity lots of cheap material. We waste our precious time on switching the channels in search of something worth our attention. Moreover, the beauty icons shown on TV distort the unformed understanding of youth about real beauty and values in life. Finally, numerous movies, programs and shows do not intend to teach children and teenagers anything interesting and educational. They aim at increasing their rates which usually means stupid comedies, lots of naked images and witty discussion shows. Television is a huge machine which...
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