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Negative Effects of Television

In recent years, many people are often watching television, but you do not know that it cause some bad effects to us. For example, television broadcast false information , fall down your ability, and lessen communication with your family and friends. Bad effects arise all people: man, woman, old, young and especially children. So you need to notice risk of watching television, and watch for it. In order to learn the details of it, you must focus on three main points: the detriment of your health, a bad influence on children, and a poor use of your time.

Firstly, many people think that watching television may seem to help you get rid of your tensions, but it is not true. Television is actually adding a burden to your brain and add to your mental stress. Moreover, watching television is detrimental to our eyesight, and it may be obstacle to your daily life. To be sure, you may feel that watching television is very happy and to be stress buster, but, the fact that it is extensive damage to your mental or physical health.

Secondly, television cause bad effects to children. Children today watch television for long times, and do not play with their friends. It read them to developmental disorder, and affect faculty of their brain which is responsible for language skill. In addition, children who watch more television, show difficulties in paying attention or concentrating. Children who watch television for long time are susceptible to being affected by information from television. In brief, attractively presented advertisement or film impact their minds, and influence the thought or behavior of them Children should be read more books and play outdoors with their friends.

Finally, you do not spend more time watching television so that you spend more time on fruitful and healthy activities. Fruitful and healthy activity is free action what can arise your ability, and a sensible approach to the thing that you want to...
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