Telephone's Contribution to the World.

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Throughout history certain events have taken place that dramatically changes the future. These changes not only occur locally, or nationally, these events can result in a global amend. If I were too choose a event that best fits this description, I would have to go with the invention of the telephone from Alexander Graham Bell. What started out as simple Scottish invention, the telephone, would soon become a household necessity and spread throughout the United States. It would only be a matter of time before every country began to develop the communication device. Throughout the decade the telephone would go on to being the one thing in life that keeps us all connected.

Alexander Graham Bell grew up in Scotland. He was born to a very poor family, who's poverty led to poor health and very little to live with. At a young age Bell lost two of his brothers to tuberculosis, leaving the young inventor with a lot of spare time alone. During this time is where Alexander came up with wild ideas. His ideas usually revolved around making life easier for his family, knowing they were poor he wanted to help anyway possible. He usually spent most of day playing with botanic while trying to feed his urge of curiosity that he had with this world.

Being practically an only child, Bell spent his early childhood playing alone in the room. Bell having no friends made life difficult and depressing. However, instead of drowning himself in his own sorrow Bell found a friend in his invention. While usual children are outside playing pretend, Bell rather observe his surroundings for anything that was "simple" yet tedious, and tried to create something that would do the work and not cause any stress on his mother or father. Thing such as a creaking door, or a picture fame that wouldn't stand up right, Bell had an invention to solve all.

Eventually he befriended, Ben Herdman. Herdman had move next door because his parents were now running a flour mill which employed most of the town, including Bell's father. Herdman who was just as intelligent, started to grow interest in Bell's devices. Ben Herdman soon became Bell's assistant and their play time involved experimenting on ideas using science and mechanics such as clock work, that worked in a machinery type of way.

In the flour mill, all the wheat had to be dehusked which took a tedious process over the course of long hours. Bell lost a lot of time with Herdman due to the fact that Herdman was sent to the flour to help with removing the husk from the wheat. Alexander Bell went to help one day and watched the process, that same night he returned home and began to plan his first official invention.

Within a short amount of time Bell returned to the mill with a device made of brushes and paddles that would make the process of preparing wheat much faster. The invention would require the user to turn a handle which caused the paddle to turn, and dehusk the multiple flowers of wheat at an alarming rate.

Satisfied with the invention the Herdman family not only bought the device but gave Bell a room within the mill to work on more. Throughout the next couple of months, Bell's main job was to develop more inventions so that the factory had a means to complete tasks at a faster rate. In addition, since the wheat was being done so quickly, Ben Herdman was no longer needed at the flour mill. Herdman was then allowed to return to Bell as his assistant and the two would later help the factory's production increase.

In this room the beginning stages of telephone would one day be planned. ADD

Many years later, having created numerous small invention, Bell sought to invent with a different type of science. Modern day science at the time was very expensive so it didn't allow him to work with chemicals or cells. Bell decided he wanted to use a science which was very cheap and hardly used. He first attempted to experiment with electricity but had lost interested fairly quickly....
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