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Telepathy: An Annotated Bibliography
Braude, Stephen. "Telepathy." Wiley-Blackwell 12.3 (1978): 237-301. <>
Braude identifies that telepathy is a feeling at a distance which categorized into two, telepathic cognition and telepathic interaction. Telepathic cognition as the knowledge of another person's thoughts or mental states gained independently of the five senses, and telepathic interaction as the interaction which occur without physical contact. Braude also argue that a familiar sort of physicalistic/ mechanistic theory cannot possibly explain the phenomenon of telepathy, for that matter, any form of human communication (6). He concludes that telepathy is impossible to be measured with scientific method due to the unexplainable and randomization/ chance (3). Hacking, Ian. "Telepathy: Origins of Randomization in Experimental Design." Chicago Journals 79.3 (1988): 437. <>dom variable> Hacking claims that telepathy is a phenomenon which sometimes related to Charles Richet’s theory of randomization, and Sigmud Freud’s theory of psychoanalysis. Hacking does conclude that the probability that Richet's phenomena were obtained by chance is very small, 0.00004, and so the reliability of the phenomena not being due to chance "may fairly be regarded as physical certainty" and "the conclusion may be regarded as safe (1)." Rogosin, H. "Telepathy, Psychical Research, and Modern Psychology." Chicago Journals 5.4 (1938).<>

Rogosin main point is that the universe is an objective, and the universe is nothing but a figment of the "mind.” Things don't happen because of "chance"; they happen because of certain other events or happenings (2). Rogosin argue that it would seem from the history of Science that a form of communication going on between "mind" and "mind" apart from the recognized channels of sensation (telepathy), and related forms of...
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