Teleological Argument for Creation

Topics: Intelligent design, Evolution, Charles Darwin Pages: 4 (1639 words) Published: October 31, 2012
Melissa Watchorn
November 4, 2011

The Teleological Argument and its Not-so-logical Form.

The teleological argument attempts to prove in its form that there is an ultimate design and therefore ultimate designer of the universe. It attempts to tell us that, since the universe shows some form of design (a butterfly’s wings, a human eye, etc), there must be some sort of intelligent designer behind it all. The argument from design is as follows: “Watches, houses, ships, machines and so on all exhibit design, and are planned and produced by intelligent beings. The universe exhibits design. Therefore, the universe was probably planned and produced by an intelligent being,” (Miller, 72). Convinced? I certainly am not. Though this is a valid argument, I refuse to accept the conclusion so quickly. How, with these two premises can we arrive at this definite conclusion? I, personally, need more. I need a rationally convincing argument to prove to me that there is an infinite being by which all of this was created. There are, however, alternative ways of wording this argument for design that may seem more convincing to the naked eye. One of them being: “The universe (or objects within the universe) exhibit certain types of pattern. The best explanation of these types of patterns are intelligent design. Therefore, it is probable that the universe (or objects within the universe) are produced by design,” (Robert Larmer, Oct 7, 2011). This is yet another valid form of the same argument, yet still not quite as sound as I would like it to be. If we are, as theists, to convince the world (especially atheists) that there is a God that exists and that has created the world by design, we are simply going to have to do a better job. As we explore the teleological argument’s logical and illogical points, we will be attempting to discuss the four forms of the teleological argument: atheistic physicalism, theistic evolution, progressive creationism, and fiat creationism. Atheistic...
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