Telemedicine: Heart and Physical Exam Play

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Telemedicine: Is it worth the sacrifice?

* Intro
* The remote diagnosis and treatment of patients by means of telecommunications technology is referred to as Telemedicine. This technology enables medical providers to share data and images using video or wireless technology, and make treatment decisions without in-person examinations. * There are many issues that arise from not seeing a patient face to face such as the lack of a proper physical exam and communication barriers. * Physical exam

Even when doctors go through the motions of doing a physical, their diagnostic skills aren't what they used to be. One recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association examined stethoscope skills of various kinds among 453 practicing physicians and 88 medical students. Whatever their age or experience, the doctors correctly recognized only 20 percent of heart problems.

Can you imagine how that percent drops if they aren’t even in the room?

I found this audio clip from the morning edition of NPR (national public radio) news to be a bit bleak but informative. It is entitled the “Fading Art of the Physical Exam”

*****Play audio clip*******

Kinda makes you think a bit about the care you’re already receiving doesn’t it?

At Stanford, they're trying to reverse the trend. The school's graduates and trainees have to master 25 different bedside exam skills that it considers essential to good doctoring. These include:

Stanford 25 (chart)

1. Examine the back of the eye
2. Examine the pupil of the eye and its response to light 3. Examine the thyroid gland
4. Examine the neck veins for abnormal size and pulses
5. Examine the lung's surface, lung sounds and borders
6. Evaluate the heart's motion
7. Examine the liver's size and shape
8. Evaluate the spleen's size and density
9. Evaluate gait (walking movements)
10. Test ankle reflexes for nerve abnormalities
11. Identify markers of liver...
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