Telemarketing in All Aspects

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Consumer buying behavior towards telemarketing: A Bangladesh Perspective

Saif Bin Khaleque

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Saif Bin Khaleque
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Survival of the fittest is the one of the most common phrase in the world of business today. Thousands and thousands of companies around the world are competing with each other to be the fittest in order to survive and gain brand identity. It is a known fact that a bird cannot fly without its wings and therefore a business cannot run without the presence and the interest of its consumers. All the business firms in the world have one common goal and that is they want to earn profit and for earning profit the business firms would need to sell their goods and services. Hence to sell goods and services business firms around the world work hard to meet the demands and expectations from their consumers. The first and foremost factor that goes through a company’s business planning is to think about the consumer’s attitude towards a particular product and what might influence them to buy that product. In the sea of choices for consumers to choose from, marketing acts as the lighthouse to bring consumers towards the product. A product or service should be marketed properly in order to place them in the consumers’ mind. And one such marketing technique is telemarketing.

This dissertation at hand deals with the typical consumer buying behaviors towards particular telemarketing. Research about this topic has been done in the past at very minimum levels and with the help of this study we can better understand the behavior of consumers towards telemarketing. The research was carried out on the people of Bangladesh. Different literatures and views from the authors have been discussed in this particular research with the help of a survey conducted on 200 people and personal interviews. Data analysis of the survey and conclusion drawn from interviews revealed a lot of behavior about consumers which otherwise couldn’t have been understood. It was found that consumers of Bangladesh take telemarketing to be more positive given the bad history it has had over the years of fraud and scam. Moreover the consumers of Bangladesh are comfortable to pick up calls and base their purchase decisions on the information received from telemarketers. Further researches were made in this study and some important conclusions and recommendations were drawn for telemarketers for the future. If done with proper planning and with skilled telemarketers a telemarketing process will succeed by all means.

Chapter – One

1.1 Introduction
1.1.1 Consumer buying behavior: Theoretical background
1.1.2 Telemarketing: how the concept off telemarketing evolved… 1.2 Aims and objectives of the study
1.3 Research problems
1.3.1 Research questions
1.4 Limitations

1.1 Introduction

The sole purpose of marketing is to bring sellers and buyers together and conduct a lucrative transaction. Marketing helps firms to meet consumers’ demands better than their competitors do and exceed expectations. Competitors fight with each other to be the best at what they are selling and such competition goes beyond the boundary of one’s country hence constituting with globalization.

Thomas Friedman calls it the “Flattening of our world” (Fassnact, 2006), others describe it as the “Globe as our village” phenomena; Theodore Levitt said that the world is becoming one global village with commodities and companies becoming more...
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