Telemachus: Good or Bad Brother?

Topics: Family, Birth order, Sibling Pages: 6 (2589 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Siblings are the people we practice on, the people who teach us about fairness and cooperation and kindness and caring quite often the hard way.  Pamela Dugdale (Blog writer)
Would Telemachus be a Good or Bad Brother?
Imagine for a moment what would happen if Telemachus, Odysseus’ son, “The Odyssey” by Homer, had a younger brother or sister. How would his life change if he knew he has somebody to protect? Or if he knew he has somebody to pass the reins of power to? Probably he could be braver by knowing he is a live shield for somebody. On the other hand what would happen with his temperament if he had an older brother or sister? There is a chance he would be mentally weaker. Maybe he would blame his sibling for all of his troubles. In order to find answers to these questions I will be presenting you bare facts from research studies made by different people in different centuries. I am also testing my own experience and ability to understand this precious bond between siblings and family members. I am an older brother to my two younger lovely sisters. While I was growing up I was still the only child, but I was like an older brother to my two dear cousins. Family bond is a special thing. Whenever you speak to your close family member whom you haven’t seen for a while, you are most likely to take his or her words deep into your heart. That’s why silver-eyed Athena uses form of Iphthime, Penelope’s sister, in order to convince Penelope. And I will do my best to describe lonely prince Telemachus’ character and apply it to the whole different environment, which will show the peculiarity of growing up with siblings. Let’s imagine him sharing not only common moment of happiness and joy, but bitter sweet moments of grief and sadness. Depending on what kind of person his sibling would be, Telemachus could possibly show us some of his negative qualities. Because I think Telemachus would be too modest to be in charge of the family, I feel like his sibling would overpower him. But in some ways better than his father, loving and generous person Telemachus would become a good brother! There is an interesting article I read that I would like to share. It is called “siblings relationship” and for its most part it is summarizing article that gives a reader a broad view of siblings’ behavior in a family. Here are some interesting moments: “The earliest research on relationships among siblings developed the common theme that brothers and sisters relate to each other mainly in a rivalrous way, competing for parental attention and status within the family unit. It is true that young siblings frequently fight with each other, putting a strain on the entire family; in fact, family psychologists report that squabbling among siblings is one of the top concerns of their clients”(sibling relationship). It is true that rivalry exist within any family with two and more kids. But scientists, in their materialistic nature, will always be looking for sources and reasons why it happens. The old opinion is formulated by Alfred Adler in 1959. Adler says, “that the ‘dethronement’ of the eldest child by the birth of a sibling is a trauma that initiates all sibling rivalry” (sibling relationship). This opinion is pretty narrow. Newer facts that we get from“Some studies show that those siblings who exhibit the most rivalry are also the most likely to cooperate, be affectionate, share, and support each other”(sibling relationship). Meaning it helps kids to develop good qualities such as ability to share, compassion, consideration and patience. My interpretation of it is as follows: if two brothers are fighting over a bicycle and an older brother always gets to ride it and he does it day after day. Until he gets to the point when he starts realizing that he makes his brother sad. This is a moment when older brother’s personality is starting to change. Maybe he will not change his behavior right away, because there is usually too much rivalry going on...
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