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Industry Analysis report (2004) by Economic Affairs Section PTA aimed to highlight the initiatives and their consequences which PTA took for the growth of telecom sector in Pakistan. The developments in the telecom sector of Pakistan, exclusively the cellular sector are analyzed. Various Surveys conducted from state sources.PTA provided several incentives for the growth of cellular mobile in Pakistan including the reduction in royalty and introduction of calling party pays regime in year 2001. During the year 2004 under cellular mobile policy annual royalty reduced from 1.5% to 0.5% of annual gross revenue minus inter operators’ payments for new entrants. The Government of Pakistan decided to move away from monopoly situation in basic telephone and took steps to introduce more competition in the cellular market of Pakistan. The competition introduced in the telecom sector showed positive impact on the growth of the sector in short span of time. The benefits of the competition in the telecom sector introduced by PTA have started passing on to the consumer in just few months after the introduction of new policy in terms of reduction in tariffs and extension in coverage. At the end of year 2003 the mobile subscribers were almost 2.4 million which increased to 6.5 million till the end of September 2004. In the year 2003-04 sector grew by 173% (Figure - 2). These operators have started acquiring market share as much as possible by bringing down the prices of new connections to zero. Due to the deregulation in the sector, share of Telecom sector in GDP increased from 1.5% in the year 1999-2000 to 1.7% in the year 2003-04. As a result of these initiatives, in the year 2004, approximately 370,000 direct and indirect employment opportunities were created, out of which 5000 were created by the cellular sector through vendors, franchises and distributers. The industry analysis report of 2004 enlightens the reader with the basic reasons which lead to the dramatic progress in the cellular sector of Pakistan. It gives quantitative evidence for the growth witnessed in the telecom sector, especially cellular sector. The report has highlighted the policy measures taken by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority in order to promote growth in the telecom sector. All policies were aimed to create an investor and competition friendly environment and they did as the results are mentioned above. Most of all, the substantial number of employment opportunities they created made the government predict that the telecom sector has immense potential and if the policy of deregulation continues, the economy will show a positive growth trend. This analysis report is essential to the fact that it covers the favorable policy introduced by PTA and its impact on the telecom sector itself and the economy in the short span of time. Tahir. A (2008) wrote an article to find how advertising impacts the cellular phone consumers in Pakistan. The name of the topic poses itself as the research question. The author has taken all cell phone consumers in Pakistan into consideration. The author has used the concepts of advertising and service marketing to explain the theory behind the impact on consumers of cell phones in Pakistan and has quoted an incident of a Pakistani consumer which corroborates with the theory explained in the article. As mentioned in the article, “the consumer’s behavioral response to the aggressive media call still remains dependent upon the actual service differentiation. The more this differentiation is on the core service level, the more it shall meet the needs of the targeted prospects in an advertising message and there will be more trials, purchases and re-purchases. Further to this service differential at augmented service level within service variants or in value added services re-assures hearing to the advertising message and responding to the message”. The major objective of advertising is to persuade, inform, generate repurchase and build...
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