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Tell-immersion is an advanced form of virtual reality that will allow users in different places to interact in real time in a shared simulated environment. This technology causes users to feel as if they were in the same room. The tele-immersion technology uses a "tele-cubicle" which is equipped with large screens, scanners, sensors, and cameras. The tele-cubicles are linked together in real-time so that they form one larger cubicle. Through the virtual environment, participants are able to interact with other group members. Also, virtual objects and data can be passed through the walls between participants, and placed on the shared table in the middle for viewing. Tele-immersion has the potential to significantly impact on fields like Education and Training , Molecular Engineering ,Virtual nuclear test,Virtual classroom,Army training ,Art and Entertainment,Virtual game ,Industrial Design

All of these researchers use Internet 2.Internet 2 is the successor to the "commodity Internet", as the existing Internet is now known. Internet 2 is a collaborative project, overseen by the University Corporation for Advanced Internet Development, and worked on by 130 US universities and a number of government agencies and corporate sponsors.

Teleimmersion is a technology that will be implemented with internet2 it will enable users in different geographic locations to come together and interact in a simulated holographic environment. Users will feel as if they are actually looking, talking and meeting with each other face to face in the same place, even though they may be miles apart physically. In a teleimmersive environment, computer recognized the presence and movements of individuals as well as physical and virtual objects. They can then track these people and nonliving objects, and project them in a realistic way across many geographic locations.

The three steps to constructing a holographic environment are: The computer recognizes the presence and movements of people and objects.

The computer tracks those images.

The computer projects those images on a strereoimmersive surface.

3D reconstruction for teleimmersion is performed using stereo, which mean two or more cameras rapid sequential shots of the same objects, continuously performing distance calculations, and projecting them into the computer. Simulated environment to replicate real time movements. By combining cameras and Internet telephony, video conferencing has allowed real time exchange of more information than ever, without physically bringing each person into one central room.


Its 2010 and you have a very important meeting with your business associates in Chennai. However you have visitors from Japan coming to ink a mega business deal the same day. So you go to a room you call the holodeck. There, inside a simulated environment, you contact your business associates using information technology. You are able to conduct a meeting with them almost as if you in Chennai. You even shake hands with their holographic images, because they seem to be right there! With teleimmersion you will interact instantly with your friend on the other side of the globe through a simulated holographic environment. This technology, which will come along with internet2, will change the way we work, study and get medical help. It will change the way we live

It was way back in 1965 that the great pioneer of computer graphics, Ivan Sutherland, proposed the concept of the ‘ultimate display’. It described a graphics display that would allow the user to experience a completely computer rendered environment.
In 1998,...
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