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  • Published: October 4, 2013
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THE 29TH STATE: A BRIEF ACCOUNT OF THE TELANGANA STATEHOOD ISSUE Telangana, India’s 29th state is to be carved out from the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. The city of Hyderabad would serve as the common capital of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh for ten years. On 30 July 2013 the ruling Congress party bowed down to the decades-old political pressure and announced its intention to shape Telangana out of Andhra Pradesh. The timeline for the creation of the new state involves an intricate process, which has been allotted 122 days; approximately four months. The split must to be approved by the Indian Parliament before the state is officially formed. With a population of over 3.5 crore, the new state comprising mostly the Telugu speaking areas of the princely Nizam state will have 17 Lok Sabha seats and 119 assembly seats. After creation, Telangana will consist of 10 districts: Hyderabad, Adilabad, Khammam, Karimnagar, Mahbubnagar, Medak, Nalgonda, Nizamabad, Rangareddy, and Warangal; primarily Hyderabad and its surrounding districts. Since the Hyderabad state was amalgamated with Andhra to form Andhra Pradesh in 1956, there have been several agitations in Telangana aimed at quashing the merger and nullifying the decision of unification. On 9 December 2009, the Government of India announced the process of forming the separate state of Telangana. However, this process was halted just two weeks later, after aggressive protests shook Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema regions in reaction to this pronouncement. The demand for separate statehood:

Telangana is the largest of the three regions of Andhra Pradesh state, covering 41.47% of its total area. It is populated by 40.54% of the state's population and contributes about 76% of the state's revenues, excluding the contribution of the central government. When the central government's contribution to revenue is included, Andhra Pradesh's revenue sources come from Telangana- 61.47% (including 37.17% from Hyderabad), from the...
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