Teens: Wild One, Inner Sustenance, Suspicion

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  • Published : October 31, 2012
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Teen Essay
Every teen faces hard decisions and problems; some life changing in both good and bad ways. The song “Wild One” is a good example of teen decision making. The short story “Inner Sustenance” is a good example of one teen facing various problems and decisions. Finally the poem “Suspicion” talks about how people get judged by the way they dress and their age. The girl in “Wild One” Shows that teens can make decisions for their selves; though not always the right decisions, but you learn from your mistakes. Most teens think they can make decisions for themselves and want to be free and able to do what they want. Just like the girl teens don’t want to be bossed around and told what to do but sometimes you have no choice. Teens will always love their parents and just because some do the opposite of what they are told, that doesn’t mean they have lost any respect for their parents or whoever. Teens most of the time will do what goes through their head and sometimes it is beneficial because every mistake they make, they can learn from it. The girl wanted to dress differently; maybe she wanted to be a little different. Maybe her friends never combed their hair either. Nobody will ever be the same and teens should have the right to make some decisions by themselves. The girl in “Inner Sustenance” had a huge problem in her life; to please her boyfriend. She was so moved by what her boyfriend said to her about her weight, she tried all kinds of ways to lose weight. She would only eat vegetables every day, that didn’t work so she started to starve herself. Eventually she started to gain weight. Bulimia then took a big toll in her life, forcing her to be hospitalized for months. By the time she was out, nobody believed in her, nobody ever visited her, not even her brother. The first day back at school her boyfriend asked her out again because of how she looked. She realized that the guy didn’t care about her just what she looked like even though she went through...
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