Teens and Sex

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  • Published : November 28, 2012
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Persuasive Essay
Teens and Sex
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Revised Persuasive Essay
Teens and Sex
The sexual activity of adolescences in America today is a critical issue that seems to be growing rapidly. With the mass media promoting almost every aspect of sex, teen sexuality has become one of the most important issues in our society. As society has entered into the age of “sexual revolution” in the twentieth century, children have grown more susceptible to the idea of sex. Regardless of parental guidance and educational programs, teenagers are still very curious. Curiosity about sex and sexual activity is natural, but the lack of concern for consequences and irresponsible activity is dangerous. The increasing issue of adolescent sexual activity could have a powerful affect on their future, which includes sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), teen pregnancy, and even emotional instability. Curiosity about sexual activity is natural, but is the act normal in adolescents? Researchers have revealed that teenage sexual activity can expose new levels of intimacy; therefore, valuable lessons may be learned and different perspectives may develop, necessary for the understanding of the act. This knowledge becomes practical later in life when meaningful lifelong commitments arise (Zorn, E., 1998, July 20). Sexuality is complicated amongst adolescents, yet the knowledge about love, respect, and the experience may result in wiser decisions as adults. The fact is adolescents are looking to the adults in their lives for guidance, restrictions, and values. Teenage sex is normal; however, sometimes the act is a mistake and could change a life forever. This year 3 million sexually active teens, approximately 25%, are infected with a STD. About one-quarter of all new cases, occur in teenagers (Mayer, B., 2005). The statistics indicate that sexual transmitted diseases infect over 8,000 teenagers everyday. STDs in sexually active teenagers produce...
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