Teenagers Today

Topics: Mother, Help me, Thought Pages: 3 (1108 words) Published: March 28, 2011
”Mom!!! Where is my school uniform? Mom!!! Quick!!! I am late to school!!! Mom!!!" "Dad, where is my pants? Oh, don't tell me; just help me to find it. OK?"  Feel strange hearing these?  No! Teenagers nowadays are all very relying to their parents to help them to prepare everything. School uniform, shoes and even some parents have to help their ‘prince' and ‘princess' to prepare their school bags! What causes these bad phenomenons?  Are these teenagers' faults or parents'? Maybe, some will say, "Of course are the parents' faults. Parents should not help their children to prepare everything!" But, have you ever think that all the teenagers are small kids in their parents' eyes? Parents wouldn't refuse to help their children to do everything. This is what we call parents' love. Teenagers nowadays are getting worse and worse. Maybe you will say again, "What an absurd! Teenagers nowadays are all getting smarter and smarter. Doctor, lawyers, engineers and teachers are most of their works! How can you say that they are getting worse?" Hey, why not? Just use a little time to think, what can teenagers do except studying? Can they do more things such as cooking? Wash their clothes themselves? Or prepare up them themselves? No, they can't do anything except studying. OK, now, maybe some parents will say, "Oh, this is not a big matter, I can do everything for them. I just want them to study well and get a good job for a better life." Oh dear, hey parents, wake up, how long can you still helping them? Twenty years? Thirty years?  Forty years? Or even fifty years? Parents, one day, you are leaving this world, after that, what should they do? Wait? Until what time? Teenagers cannot be independent is a big problem because this may causes teenagers cannot take good care of themselves when they go for further study. They do not know how to cook to feed themselves up and do not know how to wash their clothes to keep themselves clean. ...
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