Teenagers Should Work While They Are Students.

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1. Do you agree with the following statement?
Teenagers should work while they are students.
Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

I disagree with the statement that teenagers have job while they are still students. Education is part of important thing for everyone. Now, tuition is significant primary human needs. Some students while they study, they have a jobs to earn money. It makes student do not have time to study and do not concentrate with student. I have experience, when I was in senior high school, I tried to have a job. I want to get my money from by myself. So, after I went to school. Thus, in the morning I went to school, and after school I went to my job. I tried for 2 weeks. After I was work, I was very exhausted, so I went to slept and forget did my home works and my scores decrease. I could not manage my time. Everything in my schedule became random. Until My father told me when they read my report progressing from my school. He asked me to stop work. My father said that it makes me not concentrate with my study. And is not my responsibility to earn money. I realized too that since as well as I have a job my schedule was un-control so I decide back to my position that I still student. However, when I had a job, make me more experiences, earns money, and independents. but it is not my obligation while I was still student. It makes me forget my school. I still student so I had to study for my good future and get good score, after I finish my study, my parents will give me permit to have a job. Thus, I had to concentrate for my school. To sum up, students who have a job while they are still student make them disturb from their schedule in school. Students will forget manage their time and do not have time to do their duty or homework. Я не согласен с утверждением, что подростки имеют работу, пока они еще студенты.Образование является частью важная вещь для всех. Теперь, обучение составляет значительную...
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