Teenagers Should Have Sex Education at School

Topics: Education, Pregnancy, Educational psychology Pages: 2 (376 words) Published: February 22, 2011
I am writing to share my thoughts on the issue about whether teenagers should have sex education at school. Many people claim that the rising of teenage pregnancies is due to inadequate sex education. This, in my opinion, is absolutely correct. I believe that it is better for teenagers to learn about sex at school.

First of all, educating teenagers is the best way to solve the problem of teenage pregnancies. In today’s society, the cases of teenage pregnancies are on rise and the main cause is teenagers’ dearth of knowledge. A recent survey found that nearly 80 percent teenagers rely on the Internet or other media to provide them with knowledge about sex, and this lead to the their misconceptions such as ’I could never get pregnant’ etc. If teenagers can have sex education at school, those frequent misconceptions will be correct in a proper way and the cases of teenage pregnancies will be reduced.

In addition, sex education at school enables teenagers to acquire deeper understanding of humanity. As teachers are more mature and are experienced, they can help to instill students the importance of respect and responsibility in sex. Moreover, sex education is also a tool for them to develop correct judgements, like ‘how to know when is the right time to have the first sex’, ‘who is the right one to have with’ etc. Besides, sex education at school enables teenagers to think in a wiser way, and they will then understand that sex is not essential in relationships and it is okay to reject others.

In response to those who are opposed to sex education at schools, just because they believe that it will encourage teenagers to have sex. However, in my opinion, teenagers are all going through a phase where they will be changing physically and emotionally no matter with sex education or not. A child is going to do what a child is going to do. It is better to make them be aware of sex and knowledgeable before they move forward.

In conclusion, there is a need for...
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