Teenagers Problems

Topics: Adolescence, Young adult, Puberty Pages: 1 (391 words) Published: November 2, 2012

  Everybody was a teenager, that’s why everybody can say that it’s very difficult to be a teenager. Everyone has different problems, but teenage problems are special.   One of the worst teenage problems is schooling. Sometimes you feel bad because of teachers’ or classmates’ attitude to you. You are tired of studying, that’s why you don’t have energy and time for doing other things. Also I’d like to say that a lot of teens like to look older, that’s why they obtain bad habits like smoking, drinking, taking drugs, etc. But a teen can have bad habit because of problems in private life. Absence of the second half, loneliness, lack of pocket money or parents’ misunderstanding can inspire teen, that his best friend is a bottle or a cigarette. None should be angry because of teen’s feelings, because the boy or the girl often doesn’t control his or her feelings. Streets and street bands can make a teen ruder and crueler, that’s why parents shouldn’t allow their children to have such interests. I know a lot of boys and girls, who think that cleaning their room is the most important problem of humanity. They think it’s boring and useless, because the room will become dirty 5 minutes later. I think, teens who have mania to comps are very boring and uninteresting. You can’t speak with them about something beside of «Sims» or «GTA». It’s a real problem, to my mind. Every teenager has a favorite singer, writer or sportsman. But no one should become a fan, because we can kill our individuality and become clones. Sometimes a quarrel between teens can lead to serious law’s violations. It’s very dangerous! Also bad relationships between members of the family make the teen very emotional. The teen doesn’t get3 along with parents and relatives. Parents press on their child, they think he is iron and he doesn’t feel soul ache. Parents want us to study very well; they don’t understand that we do everything as good as we can. They don’t respect our interests...
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