Teenagers Nowadays

Topics: Student, University, Homework help service Pages: 2 (507 words) Published: November 18, 2012
PEN 0045 Communicative English
Instructor: Kee Li Nah

Foundation of Engineering

Assignment 2: Essay Writing (10%)

Topic: The effects of stress on university students

Date of Submission: Week-10

Name: Muhammad Faiz Izzuddin Bin Nor Azman
ID No: 1122701150

Every people in this world want to have a better life for the future. People start to learn a lot of useful knowledge. As the matter of fact, every parent sent their kids to school. To get a better job, every people need a certificate that allows them to get a job for their future. They have to continue study in university. In university, students can learn how to improve learning skills, developing responsible behavior, and find great experience. Almost all students feel stress during study in university. If the student cannot manage their stress, it will give bad impact on the student during their study in university

Student may lose their concentrate on their study because of stress. They would searching some entertainment or unhealthy activity to release their stress. For example, they went to a night club, tried some alcohol, involved in drugs and played game until late night. By doing this they feel that it can reduces stress on their study. But they did not realize that doing this activity is wasted their time on focusing their study. As a result, they do not do well in examination and quizzes, they do not complete their assignment, and they do not attend the class according to the schedule.

Furthermore, student might involve in vandalism and crime in university. When they feel stress because of a lot of assignment and examination, they give up surviving in university. After that, they think that involved in vandalism and crime can make them not thinking about study anymore. Then, the students get the bad record of their examination result and they are also involving many discipline issues in university.

Sometimes stress among university’s student is not only because of study...
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