Teenagers Need More Hi-Tech Gizmos Than They Need

Topics: Need, Mobile phone, Want Pages: 1 (349 words) Published: October 27, 2012
In this new generation, the teenagers need more hi-tech gizmos than they need so I agree with the point of view of writer .According to this article, there are four major factors. The first is the consumerism, most of the teenagers keep buying some gadgets to satisfy their wants even though they do not need the products.

Second is the advertising strategies of producer, their target market is teenagers. Also, they brain wash teenagers that the product is necessary by abundant advertisings. Third is peer influence, teenagers would like to keep up with their friends .Thus; they want to buy a new gadget that they could have more common topics. Moreover, they want to follow the trend of peer when their peer is taking about the hi-tech products. The last one factor is parents .Parents do not have enough parental guidance to their child .They do not tell to their children the differences between needs and wants. Mostly, parents give teenagers lots of money.

For myself, I have only two gadgets. I have one mobile phone and one radio. From my point of view, the mobile phone is my needs, the radio is my wants. As I need a mobile phone to contact with my family, friend. Moreover, my mobile phone is the important tool to seek help when I had meet accident .Therefore, I think mobile phone is the necessary for everyone. On the other hand, it is more convenient for me to own a radio because I could listen to radio in anywhere. This is my wants, it is not necessary for me. For the question, if I were allowed to keep only one of the gadgets I have, I would choose the .The convenience remains an important reason .It goes without saying that iPone is a very innovative gadget. In this era of information technology, it is essential to keep myself updated with the latest.

To conclude, I think teenagers could to own the products that they want. However, they should have self-control, they should not pursue lots of the latest gadget.
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