Teenagers Have Got Difficult Life Nowadays.

Topics: Present, Time Pages: 2 (551 words) Published: May 9, 2013
On the Earth live 7 milions of people, and about 40 % of them are teenagers. Modern world make hudge advantages for young people. It is expected to being creative, well-known in languages and at their job. To achieve all those abilities they are trying to work hard without making damages in their private life.

Good example to see how the world was changing will be take a look at generation from years of 60'. They had much easier life than their grandchildren nowadays: they had less interests, the comunication was scarse and education had lower standards. Without TVs and medias their life was psyhically balanced, they were spending time on walking along at parks and areas whenever they wanted or going out at the crazy disco sometime. In that time skateboard wasn't so popular, there was no iPhones too. Furthermore generation of 60' didn't has to learn so much as now it is obligated. For instance average teenager was spending 6 hours at the school, 2 at the homework and rest of time was for his disposition. He could go to the beach or disco with his friends. It seems to me that the media were also reduced to minimum. TV informations hadn' t as much influence on the receiver as it is now, they weren't also so widespread. There were not many magasines,thus taking informations was base on books from public libraries. If we could go back to these times we would see young people traveling by train or writting letters to each other. No one will be amazed by these facts, it was caused of scarse communication. Period after II w.w. brought backwardness and curb the education. This is ilustrated by fact that laboratory lessons weren't studied cause of low school budget. Also there is some truth that masive cultures had great influence on youngsters. They willingly joined to punks, hippies or metals. Education wasn't so important than.

Present times look totally different. Young people are shocked by medias, thousands of flashes, sounds and other impulses each day. They...
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