Teenagers from Past to Present

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  • Published : April 12, 2013
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Thesis Statement:There are lots of differences between the daily lives of teenagers today and a century ago for various aspects. A1) Improved health conditions and awareness offer generally more qualified life now a days. 1. Drug dealing and using of drug's are commonly improved. a. easily accessible drug and their prevelancy

2. Healt care services are widely common for today's teenagers and they are more functional. a. cottage hospitals
3. Medicine facilities are improved together with technology. a. difficult operations
A2) Medical conditions were insufficient century ago
1. Drugs were hardly accessible and uncommon those days.
a. non-accesbility of drug's
2. Health care ministrations were unsufficient.
a. lack of hospitals
3. Medico-facilities were under developed and unknown.
a. overaged death ratio.
B1) Today’s social life is more flexible and accessible than a century ago. 1. With the internet and social networks people can always be in touch with their friends. a. facebook, twitter

2. Again, with the technology, games and onlinegames offers funny free time activities. a. video games.
3. With the improving of gender equality, boys and girls can freely taste the outdoor social life. a. same opportunuties both teenage girls and boys.

B2) A century ago, social life was limited with the neighborhood and new possibilities and streams were hardly accesible.

1. Friendship was limited with the neighborhood, on the other hand it was more sincere and warm.
a. real friendship
2. Gaming and free time possibilities were face-to-face that made the teenagers of century ago better in human relations.
a. outdoor games.
3. Genderequality of 1900's wasprimitiveandalmostunknown.
a. strict restrictions to teenage girls.

C1) Today's educational possibilities are widely common and improved with the social and technological...
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