Teenagers Being Raised in Single Parent Homes

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  • Published : February 20, 2012
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Both parents are vital to the welfare of a teenager’s upbringing but circumstances may not permit the parent to be there such as separation, incarceration and in worst cases death. Among the urban African American community these factors are more widespread than the typicalcauses for teenagers to be raised in a single parent home. Teenagers being raised in single parent homes prove to be a problem. Exposure to single parenthood at some point during adolescence increases the risk of a teenagers later becoming a single parent themselves. Having to raise a teen singlehandedly by choice or not by choice is difficult. A two parent family income would be greater than only one parent which means a teenager would benefit more by having both sources. There are many causes for parents to separate. Statistics show us that the leading causes of divorce are infidelity, lack of communication and money issues. In the African American society, they’re far more essential causes for parents to separate which ultimately affects a whole family.

A father/ mother can leave a home for many reasons. Divorce is not one of them. In most cases, among the African American society that we live in, the parents has never been married. Today the number of children born into a black marriage averages less than 0.9 children per marriage. This leads to children growing into their teenager lives with the sense that being a single parent is normal. But a parent can also not be a part of a family by choice. In most cases, fathers are capable to be there but choose not to. Whether it is a psychological perspective that causes fathers to not be there, it reluctantly affects a teenagers mental as they become adults. Separation is not the only cause teenagers are left in single parent homes to grow up by their selves. There are circumstances that may not be by choice.

Another leading cause why teenagers are raised in single parent home is due the incarceration of one of the parents or in worst...
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