Teenagers and Technology Are Destroying Our Beautiful English Language?

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  • Published : March 28, 2012
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Languages have been around for thousands of years,it is a unique system of communication that is verbal,symbolic,dually patterned and arbitrary to our use which isn’t invented nor handed down as a gift but the incredible ability to learn.Languages allow us to share ideas,knowledge and emotions to other individuals through the use of language.Without it,we would perhaps be not much better off than gorillas and monkeys who we shared a common ancestors.It is part of our essential human nature and it is what make us what we are and who we are.However,due to the emergence of technology and the way how teenagers use language may affect our beautiful english language but will not destroy our beautiful English language.

Social networking has opened up a new way to communicate just like any kind of language.It allows people to keep in touch,getting feedbacks on ideas immediately,share multiple point of views.All these interactions can be done indirectly,enabling people who share the same interests to hangout together,meeting individuals from other countries and learn about their culture.But when the younger generation of the society are using it,they start to disregard grammar and the riles of language that we have been taught over the years of schooling It is becoming increasingly difficult to read and comprehend what people are trying to say on social networking platform such as “Facebook” and “Twitter”. I must admit that when I first started using the internet I abbreviated “you’re” and “your” to the letters “U” and “R”. I did it because it i thought it would make typing faster which it did,but when I start writing “ur”,it ended up making me look stupid.I realized that it really doesn’t make any shortcuts while I was trying to type out the sentence and it certainly didn’t help people understand me easier.In the essay The Lost Art of Writing written by Professor Laccetti,he stated that "Unfortunately for these students, their bosses will not be 'lol'...
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