Teenagers and Tattoos

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  • Published : October 9, 2010
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Teenagers and Tattoos
Com 150
Lynne Phinney

Some call it the second oldest profession, but tattoos are hotter than ever especially among our youth. Tattoos are everywhere, movie stars and musicians are rocking tattoos. These are just a few of who our kid look up too. With this parents need to become knowledgeable of tattoos and what their children are going through in their lives. High school or just trying to fit in can be over whelming in a young teens life. And of course as parent we may not like everything we hear but it is our responsibility as parents to talk to our kids and to let them know the dangers of letting someone tattoo you other than a licensed tattoo artist and why it is so important to wait to get a tattoo until after high school and maybe college. To know what your profession is going to be and that getting a tattoo is forever and that it cost more to take it off than it did to get it on so make a good decision. Tattoos are a form of art and should be treated that way. Body art is beautiful, but having the wrong person tattoo you can lead to a life time of regret. Teens are getting tattoos today because of rebellion, peer pressure, or social status, and screaming for independence. Teenagers are known for going to “tattoo parties” and getting tattoos by unlicensed tattoo artist also known as “scratchers”. Tattoo parties have been around for a long time and are a simple concept a group of friends get together and all get tattoos, sounds fun? Of course it does and it especially does when it comes to kids. A group of teens are looking to get the cheapest tattoo possible, and getting someone to come to a basement or a garage or even the kitchen. The tattooist is probably not licensed, there is smoking, drinking alcohol, and possibly drugs. The teens are underage and this is the best way to get a tattoo so why not make a party out of it? First someone is getting tattooed air borne blood pathogens and bacteria...
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