Teenagers and Stereotyoes

Topics: Adolescence, Stereotype, Causality Pages: 2 (529 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Teenagers and Stereotypes

In today's society, teenagers are viewed as disruptive, immature adolescents who are the causes of many on-going problems such as public disturbances, usage and distribution of drugs, theft, etc. Although some teenagers are sometimes causes and partake in these problems, the whole teenage population should not be portrayed by these bad influences. That's just like saying because some parents don't allow their children to play outside until their homework is finished, that all parents are stuck up, rude, and don't want their kids to have any fun. That statement is completely false, just like the many stereotypes that have been placed onto teenagers in modern society. Their have been many cases in my own personal experiences where I have been the subject of being blamed for causing disturbance or viewed as a thief, when I had honestly done nothing wrong. My first example would be the classic Metro incident. My friends and I, just like many shoppers on that fine Saturday night, went into Metro to buy ourselves some snacks to watch the hockey game. Although their were approximately 80 people in the store, us, being the only teenagers, were followed by the store manager because he thought we were stealing, when all we wanted was to buy some bags of candy. Being 16 year old kids, this man assumed we had no morals and that we believed that stealing is ok, which is not true. Another incident where I have been the subject of a teenage stereotype was during a Friday night last summer. My friend and I were going to have a sleepover, so we went to my house, packed my things, and left to walk to his house (about a 25 minute walk). During our walk to his house, we were stopped by the police because they thought we were in possessions of drugs and alcohol. At the same time this was happening, two mid-twenty year old men walked past us with bags, but were not stopped for being suspected to have drugs. I asked the cop why he did not stop the other men...
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