Teenagers and Drugs

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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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Teenagers should not be using drugs at all. The drugs like alcohol, cigarette, and many more are consuming everyday are slowly killing them, it destroys their life, drugs’ laws criminalise teenagers, and teens that use drugs will create negative effects on their children. Drugs might be everywhere in our world, but we teenagers need to think about our health and our future before accepting the devil’s offers. Drugs destroy teenager’s life; drugs damage the brain’s functions and create hallucinations. Drugs make teenagers die young, the age interval that hasn’t grown up or hasn’t fully enjoyed their life. Even if they survive after the drugs, the drugs will force them to go through hellish years and months of painful rehabilitation. Drugs manage to create a wall in people’s mind that stops them from thinking properly. Marijuana increases the heartbeat to an abnormal extent; cocaine creates illusions and positive thinking, high thinking. There are so many cases that teenagers die from taking drugs, like jumping off the balcony, unaware of traffics, carelessness. In 2009, 10% of children age 12 to 17 regularly used drugs and the number increases to 46.4% in 2012. Drugfacts website has stated that about 570,000 people on earth die each year due to the use of drugs, 440,000 people die from disease related to tobacco, 85,000 die from alcohol, 20,000 die due to illicit drugs, and the other 20,000 die because of prescription drugs. According to all the statistics, drugs were the main killers after cancer and heart attack in the past few decades, it doesn’t just kill teenagers, it also criminalises them. Drugs can criminalise teenagers. Teenage is a time interval that is very curious about stuff around them, they would try anything, take in anything because of curiosity, or from the social influences (peer pressure, parents also taking drugs, etc.), enjoying the feeling, risk taking and rebellion can be exciting and worth to try, especially when it involves parental...
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