Topics: Adolescence, Teenage pregnancy, High school Pages: 2 (491 words) Published: January 16, 2013
School Performance: One exhibition of defiance by your teenager could be significant decline in performance at school. Teenage behavioural problems related to performance at school are displayed through under-performance at school, playing truant, disrespectfulness towards teachers and seniors at school, fights with classmates and bullying of younger students. Some of these issues are serious teenager problems and you need to be aware of them at the right to take corrective action.

Increased Anger: Anger is one of other teenage behaviour problems, which causes a lot of distress to parents. Anger can also cause various other teenager problems if it is displayed in public. You can start getting police or school complaints against your teenager or your teenager can come home with bruises from street fight. Learning to control anger is one of the most important lessons you need to give to your child.

Indecision: Teenage behaviour problems also get manifested through increased levels of confusion and the inability to make decisions. Such teenagers jump into various activities and then leave most of them half done. They like to do everything that their friends are doing but soon lose interest in them. They also cannot take any decision by themselves and hence avoid doing any important tasks. This trait leads to several teenager problems for parents like increased in spends on activities half completed, higher frustration amongst teenagers and lack of interest in studies.

Lack of Seriousness: Another common manifestation of teenage behaviour problems is a lack of seriousness in your teenager's life. They consider everything a joke and take everything for granted – a typically happy–go-lucky attitude. When you try to speak to them about anything seriously, they make a joke of the situation and brush your comments aside. It becomes difficult for you to have any conversation with them, where they are fully engaged. This is one of the most common teenager problems...
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