Teenagers' Morality

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Influences on teenagers’ morality
Moral decisions are an important aspect of the growth and development of teenagers. There are many factors that influence a young person’s decisions; the biggest factor may be a teenager’s parents. Today’s parents are moving away from the old adage “do as I say, not as I do,” as they realize that their actions and behavior may be a bigger influence on their children than previously thought.  

1. Sex and Teen Pregnancy
* The rate of teen pregnancy is extremely high in the United States, and it is one of the highest in the Western world. Communication between parent and child on the subject of sex may delay early sexual activity in teenagers. Many parents will not have this discussion, however. They may believe that their child is too young for sex, or they may be uncomfortable with discussing the subject of sex. Parents may also believe that talking to their teen about sex will “give them the idea.” Parents must confront their own attitudes about sex before facing the issue head-on with their teen. They must be clear about their expectations but must also know how they will handle the situation if the child doesn’t follow their rules. Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Use

* The bottom line is that parents who use alcohol, drugs or tobacco are more likely to have children who use these substances. Parents must set clear expectations for their kids about the usage of these substances and talk about it often during their pre-teen and teenage years. And parents will likely be more successful if they follow their own advice. Violence

* It is well-known that when children are abused by their parents or witness abuse of someone in their family, they are more likely to grow up to be abusers themselves. Parents must set a good example when dealing with feelings of anger, frustration and pain — and how to do it without getting physical. Teenagers are at risk for violence because of many reasons. Hormonal changes mental health problems contribute to physical aggression. Teenagers are also branching out socially, and will be influenced by their peers more than any other time in their lives. They become more interested in television, music, gaming and the Internet and may find themselves assaulted by constant violent images and themes. The line between right and wrong becomes more difficult to distinguish. Again, parents must make their expectations clear when talking to their teens about violence. Hopefully, this communication has already taken place, but is never more important than during the teen years. Parents Make All The Difference

* In general, regardless of the subject, parents have a strong influence on the values of their teenage children. Communication — whether it means talking about sex, drugs or how to deal with peers — is the key to having a positive influence on your teen. If you do not talk about what is right and wrong and what you expect from them, they will be forced to draw their own conclusions. Studies show that children who are involved in religious activities or come from strict homes have a lesser chance of having sex, using drugs or alcohol. If your family is not religious, involving children in community programs that promote good values may be another alternative. Read more: Parental Influences on Teen Morality | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/info_7976947_parental-influences-teen-morality.html#ixzz1dVYjJEV1  

How to Teach Morality to Children
By Robin Raven, eHow Contributor
One of the most daunting tasks that parents face is teaching morality to their children. Having a child grow up to be a kind, considerate and honest person is the most rewarding experience in all of parenthood. Therefore, it is very important that you start teaching morality to children at a young age. Here you will find ways to teach morality to your own child and you can even make it a fun experience for the two of you. Other People Are Reading

* Morality Tests for...
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