Teenager Identity Change

Topics: Bullying, Abuse, Adolescence Pages: 2 (613 words) Published: November 2, 2011
Teenagers struggle with maintaining their own identity in high school. The truth is many teens are forced or try to be a different person. For example peer pressure and bullying can be some of the causes of identity change in high school.

In “Megan Meier’s story”, a true story about a thirteen year old girl who gets cyber bullied on Myspace, Megan’s identity changes because she believes the offensive bulletins that were posted about her. When Megan is called “fat” and a “slut” she reaches her boiling point where she starts to doubt who she really is. “The cyber exchange devastated Megan, who was unable to understand how and why her friendship unraveled. The stress and frustration was too much for Megan, who had a history of depression.” (paragraph #7 in “Megan Meier’s story”) Because of these comments about Megan her identity changed, she committed suicide. Before this happened Megan was happy and liked her life “But her family said she looked forward to her 14th birthday and having her braces removed.” (paragraph #1 in “Megan Meier’s story”). After Megan sees these posts about her she transforms mentally, she no longer has the same identity.

In the movie “cyberbully”, a similar story to “Megan Meier’s story”, Taylor Hillridge is a victim of cyber bullying, she is targeted by her own friend on a social website. When Taylor is called names on this site it reaches school where she hears insults every day. Soon she stops going to school and is crying all the time, at one point she starts taking drugs. “Tormented and afraid to face her peers at school, Taylor is pushed to an extreme breaking point.” (paragraph #1 in “cyberbully”) Taylor goes from having many...
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